AQUAMAN review

Aquaman is fun, epic in scale, and visually stunning. The problem is there is so much going on here, that the characters are often being drowned by everything around them. The trailers for Aquaman had me excited to see it, and the film was exactly what they marketed, but the movie itself is just overwhelming. It felt like two or three movies all crammed into one. 

 Jason Momoa is really good in the title role. He’s got tons of charisma, and a fantastic look. It’s unfortunate that he’s so often lost in a blur of cgi, and that the story is moving so fast we miss out on spending more time getting to know him, or any of the characters. I would have preferred a smaller scale story to introduce the character, and set up his long term quest of becoming King of Atlantis, and then another one or two films to do it. Imagine if Lord of the Rings had been crammed into one movie and you get the idea. Consequently I had trouble connecting with any of the characters. 

The visuals are really spectacular, and the artists did a fantastic job creating a world we have never seen before, but by the end we’ve seen so much of it, that it all blurs together, leaving none of it very memorable. Imagine eating 17 bowls of ice cream, all different flavours. By the end you wouldn’t really remember any specific flavour, and your stomach would hurt. That’s how my brain felt.

I think there is some really good stuff in here, but there is just too much to take in all at once. Aquaman is doing phenomenal business worldwide, so we will definitely be getting a sequel. I think director  James Wan has a really great vision for this world, and I hope he comes back the sequel, just maybe dial it back a bit, and focus a little more on the characters.  

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