The Old Man and the Gun review


The Old Man and the Gun is a sweet, incredibly charming, character piece, loosely based on a true story. This is Robert Redford’s final film before retiring from acting, and he goes out winking at the audience, and having fun.

The plot here is absolutely of secondary concern. This film is all about characters and actors, and the cast are really some Hollywood all stars. Redford is joined by Sissy Spacek , Tom Waits, Danny Glover, and Casey Afleck. Everyone is just having fun. Redford and Spacek spend most of the film just being the cutest elderly couple ever, going on dates and being adorable. Usually I prefer more plot, but I just had a lot of fun watching everyone act.

I really got in to the look of the film. It’s set in the early 80s, and it feels like that’s when it was actually made. The image has a lot of grain, and the shooting style is a throwback to that time. I really enjoyed this film, and I definitely recommend it.

Could BLADE fit into the MCU?

This is a repost of a blog I wrote several years ago. Originally posted January 24/ 2016

The late 90s were not a great time for comic book/super hero films. In 1997 Joel Schumacher pretty much killed the genre with Batman & Robin, and Bryan Singer’s X-Men wouldn’t arrive until 2000, but in 1998 we got Blade. Continue reading “Could BLADE fit into the MCU?”