The hype leading up to the release of AVENGERS: ENDGAME could not have been higher. Going in I was skeptical that it could stick the landing. Making a satisfying conclusion to eleven years of story in the MCU seemed an impossible task, but directors Joe and Anthony Russo absolutely pulled it off. There isn’t a whole lot I can say about the film without giving spoilers, so I will hold back in this review. I will say that I saw two of the coolest things ever in a comic movie within ten minutes of each other, and the end did get me to roll a few tears.

At just over three hours it is a bit of a long sit, so go to a theater with comfy seats. That being said, it doesn’t drag, and never feels long on screen. One of my worries going in was that the original core Avengers might get lost in the shuffle of so many characters, but they don’t. The Russo brothers did a really fantastic job of letting them take center stage, with everyone else playing supporting roles. I don’t know where they go from here, but I don’t think you could ever top this in terms of a giant super hero team up.

The film obviously leans a little more towards hard core Marvel fans, but I feel it is accessible to casual fans as well. There are a crazy amount of call backs to earlier films, and Easter eggs for the comics, but they don’t play like required reading. The more dedicated fans can enjoy them, but I can’t think of a single one that is crucial to the plot, so casual fans won’t be left behind. The finale is the greatest comic book action ever put on screen, and it does a great job of focusing on the players. One of the downfalls of giant CGI battles is they often just turn into generic characters mashing up the screen, but here we are always watching a specific person or group, and you don’t get lost in it. Well worth seeing in cinema. Highly recommended.

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