Bohemian Rhapsody review


Bohemian Rhapsody is a very entertaining, straight ahead biopic of legendary Queen front man Freddie Mercury. The film chronicles Mercury’s life from the formation of Queen in 1970, to their performance at the charity concert Live Aid in 1985.

The filmmakers play very fast and loose with historical accuracy in favor of tighter story telling, but this is par for the course with this type of film. Everyone delivers good performances, and Remi Malek is outstanding in the lead role. He almost channels Mercury’s stage mannerisms, and is also excellent in the off stage scenes.

Bohemian Rhapsody doesn’t really have any great moments of it’s own, rather it’s content to show us the band’s great moments. If this was intentional, I appreciate the restraint of reminding us how epic Queen was, rather than trying to mine the band’s story in an attempt to be epic in and of itself. The climax is particularly awesome, and left me wanting to go home and start cranking up some Queen. If you are a fan of Queen, definitely see this in theater. Well worth it, especially for the finale.


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