Captain Marvel review

CAPTAIN MARVEL should have been simply been called Marvel, because the entire thing feels like a very generic Marvel brand… thing for lack of a better description.

The plot seems more interested in servicing easter eggs than building interest in the characters. Plot turns don’t land with any significant weight, because the film hasn’t spent enough time on the set up to get the audience invested. I would say the script is somehow under written, and yet over written at the same time. There is too much going on, so nothing gets properly fleshed out. There are a lot of really great actors here (Brie Larseon, Samuel L Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Jude Law, Anette Benning¬†to name a few), but it feels like recruiting the New York Yankees to play in the minor leagues, because nobody is really given that much to do.

All in all CAPTAIN MARVEL is a very middle of the road Marvel movie. It feels like it was made by committee with no strong central vision, and just plays it safe. It seems like the film’s main purpose is to introduce the title character so she can appear in the next AVENGERS movie. It’s not overtly bad, but ultimately forgettable. It really frustrated me because I can see the seeds of a really interesting character/story, but the filmmakers seemed content to stare at four pitches and walk to first base, rather than take a chance and swing at something. I guess they figure AVENGERS: ENDGAME¬†is next up to bat, and fixing to hit a home run, so no need to take a chance here. Boo.

Note: I didn’t intend to make so many baseball metaphors, it just fit.

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