Destroyer review

Destroyer is a crime drama/mystery starring Nicole Kidman as a burnt out Los Angeles police detective, with a dark secret haunting her.

Kidman really swings for the fences with her performance, but it’s just too overpowering. The role shows little or no nuance, constantly cranked to ten. The other actors on screen generally feel like they’re hanging back compared to Kidman, but it’s only because she’s not showing much range here.

The story itself is very basic, and not all that interesting. The filmmakers try to hide this behind some editing tricks, but it doesn’t work. They use non-linear storytelling, and confusing editing to create a plot twist ending, but the story itself doesn’t earn it, and I consider the way it’s attempted cheating. There are a few payoffs that are meaningless because they weren’t effectively set up, or even set up at all.

I did enjoy the sound design, and the cinematography, but that’s about all. Destroyer tries to appear more clever than it is, and ultimately fails. Not recommended.

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