Mary Poppins Returns is a mildly entertaining, but ultimately forgettable film. There is nothing overtly bad about it, but this is possibly because it really doesn’t try to do anything new. It feels like the filmmakers simply watched the original Mary Poppins, wrote a “to do” list, and made a film. Most of the characters and situations feel like rehashes of it’s predecessor, and the story has nothing original to say. The songs, which should be the focal point, are not in the least memorable. Multiple generations of people can sing, or at least recognize, most of the songs from the original. I could barely remember one song from this less than hour after seeing it.

Mary Poppins is probably Disney’s greatest live action classic. Nobody will remember Mary Poppins Returns six months after it’s release. The high point for me was a cameo by Dick Van Dyke, and the most disappointing thing was a conspicuous lack of a cameo from Julie Andrews. It may be a fun way to entertain young children for two hours, but that’s about all it is.

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