Searching review


Searching is a tense, mystery thriller that will keep you guessing right to the end. John Cho gives a great performance as a father desperately trying to find any clue to the whereabouts of his 16 year old daughter who has vanished overnight. The story is very engaging, and the turns all feel very legitimate. There are no nonsensical plot twists to keep things going. Every reveal is a payoff to an earlier set up, and they all come with emotional weight. This alone would have entertained me, but where Searching really stands out is in it’s style. the entire film plays out on laptop screens, video messaging, and tv screens. On the surface it sounds gimmicky, but it works brilliantly. This is used to deliver the entire narrative to the audience through the father’s perspective, allowing us to experience his confusion, anguish, and desperation. I wouldn’t want to see a whole bunch of films use this as a storytelling device, but here it works fantastic.  Good story, great execution. Highly recommended.

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