Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse review


Into the Spiderverse is one the most fun movies I’ve seen this year. Action, humour, heart, it has it all, plus an amazing animation style.

The story uses a familiar comic book/sci-fi trope, alternate dimensions, to introduce many different versions of the Spider-Man character into one story, and have them work together to save the world. As a long time comic fan I was familiar with most of the characters, and was able to easily engage with the story. To help viewers less familiar understand, the film used a device of having the characters speak directly to the audience, and introduce themselves. I found the solution effective, and it was also played with humour so as not to annoy the hardcores. 

  The animation style was awesome. I’m not aware if the style has a specific name, or how it’s done, but it is really fantastic to watch. The story wasn’t overly complicated, and the fun derived from the character interactions. It was clearly written open ended with the possibility of a sequel in mind, and I look forward to it. If you see it, wait all the way until the end of the credits for a great bonus scene.





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